Best free wordpress theme for eCommerce in 2021

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Best free wordpress theme for ecommerce in 2021

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All wordpress websites use themes and some are just blank templates meant for professionals to design a custom website from scratch. What about beginners and small business owners who also wish to have a wordpress website but do not have the marketing budget to launch? Luckily there are a bunch of free wordpress themes available for use but not all of them are easy to customise or perform well.

Free wordpress theme – ASTRA

We are taking a look at Astra because it has been a leading theme on WordPress for many years now and is extremely popular worldwide even in 2021. Astra was developed by Brainstorm Force who also created multiple popular plugins and add-ons and this is why Astra integrates very well with many commonly used tools.

Options and Price

Astra is not just one theme. It regroups several themes and layouts which you can choose from. Astra is a FREE wordpress theme but there is also a paid version which gives you access to more ‘premium’ themes but the free themes are totally fine, look gorgeous and are as easy to use and edit.

Performance and compatibility

Astra themes are extremely lightweight and can have a page-weight as low as 50kb with default wordpress data. This allows for extremely fast loading speeds and thus works towards your website’s search engine optimisation. This free wordpress theme is also compatible with the most popular wordpress page builders – so you can choose your own page builder with which you are most comfortable and start editing your website.

Easy to customise

Astra free wordpress theme is easily customisable and does not require any coding skills. You can use drag and drop items and visually build your pages easily. Astra can be downloaded from, or from directly within the themes area of your WordPress admin area. We have made a small video to show you how to install Astra on your wordpress website. Need any help? Our website designers can help!

Table of Contents

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