Choosing the best Cape Town web designers

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Choosing the best Cape Town web designers

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Businesses and professionals in Cape Town need a website to reach out to their audience and generate leads. Cape Town web designers know how to create a website but web design is so much more than just putting up pages and sections with content and a few pictures. A website is the online identity of the business and if you want this identity to be unique, to speak, and if you want to reach your audience in a way that they remember you and develop what we call brand loyalty, you need much more than a simple template website.

Digital creative agencies like AB Designs have teams of website designers, graphic designers, digital marketers, and social media managers that work together to offer a website packed with everything it needs to make it perform and fulfill its objectives.

Branding Cape Town

The first step before creating a website is branding. Without branding, the website will not have any ‘personality’ and might cause you to lose many valuable leads. Branding agencies will listen to you and translate your corporate tone into a set of graphic assets and colors and patterns. They can get very creative in the way they use their ‘art’ to make their designs speak.

Good branding will have the right brand colors, it will have a logo that speaks and which is easy to remember and it will easily communicate your corporate values and standards to your customers.

As our brand designers start working on your corporate identity, you will need to ask yourself the following questions: Who is my target audience? What are their needs? How can I solve their problems? If a customer visits my website, what message do I want them to get? All of these questions will help you create an effective branding strategy.

Web designers in Cape town

Cape Town web designers know that a website is not just pages and sections with content and pictures. Websites need to be designed to make the business or professional stand out, to create a unique identity for the company, to allow the company to speak in its own voice by providing the audience with useful information. Our web designers in Cape town work closely with our clients and our brand designers on understanding the goals of the business website and in developing the best UI and UX for their website.

Our Cape Town web designers work with the brand designer to come up with the best user interface both in terms of the look and feel as well as the user experience. Integrating user experience into a design is a very sensitive process that requires experience and expertise. this is what makes a difference between a cosmetically improved website that does not generate leads or sales and a website that has an enhanced customer experience that generates income and good ROI.

Website visitors do not want to figure out how to navigate to what they are searching for, it has to be intuitive. They want the information to be readily available within 1 click and to display well on their mobile phones. It has to load fast and perform. A website designer can create a fast website by following very simple rules of digital marketing and SEO.

Digital marketing cape town

What exactly is digital marketing and SEO and why is it important for website design agencies? It is much more than just traditional ‘marketing’. The competition is fierce on the internet and ranking on Google is not as simple as it used to be in the 1990’s.

Websites that have no SEO do not rank on google. Simple as that. Imagine paying several grands for a website and your branding and leaving it on a shelf, unseen, bringing in no value, and generating no income.

Your website needs to perform and Google has multiple guidelines to help businesses rank for their keywords in their industry. However, this is a very technical task and is a long-term strategy.

Now, Google also has multiple algorithm changes each year, so your digital marketing strategy has to grow as its algorithm changes. Basically, in broad terms, a website needs to:

  • Have a good structure and easy navigation
  • Have an optimised code, pass Core web vitals test and load fast.
  • Be fully responsive and work well for mobile phones
  • Have optimised, value added and original content
  • Have a good trustflow and good domain authority

So, if you have a website and want to generate income from it, our search engine optimization team can help you set up a digital marketing strategy to position it on the first page of Google and to generate traffic to your website. This targeted traffic will more easily convert into sales with the right branding and UX design on your website.

Social media marketing Cape Town

Web 3.0! Social media marketing is not mandatory to add value to your website design. However, it is a very important trust indicator for your audience and a great brand awareness tool for your business. Most websites display their social handles or profiles on their website and they have active accounts. this is another way of engaging with their audience and bringing them to their website.

By focusing on social media marketing for your website, you’re able to create content that will be seen by your desired audiences in all different parts of the world. There are many strategies that you can implement when it comes to social media but it’s important to have a strategy or plan in place before you start posting anything on these platforms. You want people scrolling through their newsfeeds who see your posts, recognize your brand, and like what they see so that they’ll follow you too and perhaps turn into a referral or a lead in the future!

Hiring Cape Town web designers

Cape Town web designers at AB designs work closely with the rest of the digital creative team to create websites that have character and a strong brand, that perform optimally for search engines such as Google and that lead your visitors down a sales funnel or any other goal-orientated funnel.

Get in touch with our Cape Town web designers or give us a call on +27 76 269 0535 to speak to our project lead.

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