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Starting a business or growing a business is a long term project and there are no shortcuts and businesses need an Internet Marketing agency to accompany them on this journey to:

  • Help expand their online presence
  • Get access to Professional SEO tools and insights at no additional cost
  • Understand the market and their competitors
  • Avoid wasting time on inefficient strategies and putting your domain name at risk of bad reputation

Online marketing can be complicated and without the assistance of an Internet Marketing company, business owners can easily become overwhelmed with the number of details and algorithms changes they need to keep up with.

Even without COVID-19, business was meant to shift to the digital space simply because this is evolution. It was already essential for businesses to have an online presence, now it has become essential to be VISIBLE. An Internet Marketing company can help businesses build a strong online reputation, build their brand and establish their online presence as well as grow their visibility and discoverability by driving quality organic traffic to their websites.

This article is meant for business owners who want to invest in their SEO and their online marketing to grow their business and increase their revenue. We will run you through the main reasons why businesses should hire an Internet Marketing agency. You can also get in touch with our team and schedule a free consultancy call to see how we can help you achieve your online objectives.

1. Focus On the core of Your Business

If you wish to run your own marketing campaign and you want it to be successful, you will not give that responsibility to just anyone in your company. This requires a specific skillset and in most cases, you will need to hire specialized professionals. And Internet Marketing is such a broad subject that you would need a team with specific people each with their own digital skills to run an effective campaign.

Employing more people makes more paperwork, more resources to manage and more time and money invested. Internet Marketing agencies are here to take this burden off your shoulders. They have all the experts you will ever need, they have years of experience and know exactly what to do, and they work in complete autonomy. You will not have to worry about anything except your core business. Your leads will come in, your only objective will be to convert these leads.

2. Cut Down the Costs

This goes beyond payroll. Imagine having a new team of marketers, investing in their benefits, health care, more office space, more stationery, and more equipment. Now, add salaries to all of this. It is not surprising that Internet Marketing agencies often cost less than creating your own marketing team.

Let’s do the maths on the low end of the spectrum: Imagine having a team of 3 each earning an annual salary of $60,000. That’s $180,000/annum. The Internet Marketing Agency under AB Designs offers Premium SEO services for $5,000/month. That’s a whole team of professionals working together to help you reach your objectives at 30% of the minimum cost of having an in-house marketing team!

3. Leverage the expertise and experience

As business owners, you don’t want to have to go through training sessions and learn all the SEO techniques and search engines behavior. These keep evolving and even Internet Marketing agencies need to keep up the pace so remain relevant in their SEO efforts.

Instead, you can hire an Internet Marketing agency and have a team of experts at your disposal. They have the skills but also the experience. They might have other clients in the same industry as you and they know what works best and what has historically shown the best results.

If you want your company to be at the top of Google and be in the game, then you should invest in your digital marketing.

4. Get an industry specific strategy

Before launching an internet marketing campaign, you must understand your industry, your market, your competitors, your audience, and their behavior. There are no set tasks to perform SEO. It all comes down to research, strategizing, implementing, and testing.

An Internet Marketing agency will have access to the necessary resources and professional tools and access to data to make sure that the adopted Internet marketing strategies yield the maximum results and to keep your business abreast of any relevant development.

5. Gain valuable insight

An Internet Marketing agency will usually provide you with a monthly or quarterly report. This report will help you understand better where your target audience is, their behavior, the success rate of your conversion efforts or of your website, the strategies of your competitors, and new trends.

All this data can be extremely useful to you to strengthen your position of finetuning your processes or your sales strategy.

A good Internet Marketing agency will also give you their perspective and their suggestions based on these reports to help you do better. Just as with a SWOT analysis, you will be able to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

6. Internet Marketing is a scalable service

A good Internet Marketing agency does not overpromise and does not offer “pre-made” packages simply because no one can say that a specific set of actions will bring results without proper research. Once they know what has to be done, you can now choose how aggressive you want your campaign to be.

For example, AB Designs usually charges from $5,000 and up for Premium SEO services. However, if you want your campaign to be more aggressive, you can increase your investment and our team will also scale up the efforts, This will result in better rankings and faster.

On the other end, you can also choose to start with a more modest budget instead of going with the Premium offer. You may scale down to $2,500 and still get the same service but scaled down. You will still see results but it might take a little more time to reach or exceed your objectives.

After doing an audit of your website, an Internet Marketing agency will be able to give you an idea of the amount your initial investment should be.

7. Measurable Results

When a business invests their money, they want to see a return on investment (ROI).

While it might sometimes be difficult to measure a real ROI in digital marketing, an Internet Marketing agency would be able to determine certain Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These indicators will help to figure out how your marketing campaign/s are performing in relation to your objectives.

You will also receive the metrics regarding your rankings over time and you will be able to see clearly how well you are doing compared to your competitors and how you have progressed on your own target keywords.

8. Professional Internet Marketing Tools

Let’s have a look at the tools you might need to access if you were to run your own Internet Marketing campaign:

  • Analytics and setup of tags on websites
  • Keyword research (example SEMrush)
  • Competitive analysis
  • Opportunities and gap analysis
  • Automation tools
  • Distribution channels

These all require specific online tools which have their own premium cost and need to be renewed monthly or annually. The cumulative cost of all these can become quite heavy financially for some businesses.

An Internet Marketing agency will have all these tools at their disposal and they know how to use them to get the most efficient results. One less thing to worry about for you as a business owner.

9. Lead generation

An Internet Marketing agency will generate leads for your business by driving targeted traffic to your website. As the digital marketing campaign progresses, they will be able to identify what they need to put more emphasis on to increase your ROI. This means that they will identify where the intent of your website visitors are commercial and transactional and focus on optimizing this channel.

This is a long-term strategy and the end result is a constant inflow of qualified leads in your inbox waiting to be served.

Choosing the Right Internet Marketing Agency

You want to exercise care when you look for an Internet Marketing agency. Many SEO agencies will promise you great things but not all of them can actually deliver. Internet Marketing is not for those looking for a quick win, it is a long-term investment. And no sustainable results can be achieved fast.

An Internet Marketing agency will not sell you a ‘package’. They will take the time to audit your website and online presence and get back to you with figures and a plan.

Project Management

A proper Internet Marketing agency will usually have a dedicated project manager for each client. This helps to translate the typical SEO technical words into the human vocabulary. The project manager is the single point of contact for the customer which makes it much easier to communicate. No more filtering out emails and trying to remember who you talked to. Everything goes through one person.

Data Driven

A good Internet Marketing agency will base its analysis and its strategy on collected data. Usually, they will perform an initial audit and strategize from the data collected. Over the course of the first 3 to 4 months, more data will be collected and the strategy refines. This is an ongoing process that provides an ideal environment for sustainable growth.

Value added

Good digital marketing agencies will also give you additional suggestions which can help your SEO campaigns. For example, if they see there is a UX design issue on your website which could bottleneck your SEO efforts and lower the conversion rate of your leads, they will identify the issue and provide you with solutions to enhance the process.

Online presence

Look at the online presence of your Internet Marketing agency. They should have a presence on professional platforms such as LinkedIn and they should be posting content regularly on their website. This shows the extent of their expertise.


Cost is not an issue for a good Internet Marketing agency. The reason why is that they offer scalable services rather than plain SEO packages. Choose your investment, communicate clearly your budget and let them create a strategy that would work within that budget.

During the initial audit, they will also give you insight into your competitors. Keep in mind that if you wish to compete, you would need to invest in at least as much effort as what your competition is doing.

Everything You Need to Know About an Internet Marketing agency

An Internet Marketing Agency offers a B2B service which could include:

  • Website design and development
  • Social media marketing
  • Search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Email marketing
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
  • Content creation

The main reasons businesses usually hire an Internet Marketing agency is usually for a specific set of goals:

  • Building brand awareness
  • Increasing sales
  • Driving traffic to a website
  • Engaging customers
  • Building customer loyalty

AB Designs | Internet Marketing Agency

AB Designs is a Digital Creative agency first. This means that they have multiple types of agencies under their umbrella including an Internet Marketing agency. Their strength is that they have a solid structure made up of experts in several digital fields.

AB Designs is a one-stop-shop for any business that needs Internet Marketing services. Get in touch or schedule a free consultancy call to see how we can help you prosper online.

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