#1 Way to create a dynamic blog

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#1 Way to create a dynamic blog

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This tutorial requires that you are running Elementor Pro plugin on your WordPress website. At the end of this tutorial, you will have a clear step by step approach to building your own dynamic blog. Elementor Pro is a page builder which will make it much easier for you to control the visual aspect of your website. If you lack design inspiration, you can still make use of their templates or editable blocks. For originality though, I would suggest you use their user-friendly tools to create your unique signature design.

What is a dynamic blog?

You are not a website designer and you want an easy way of updating your blog section. True, most WordPress themes can be used and will display your blogs but you have no control on how it looks or which other content you would like to display there.

The easiest thing to do is to have a dynamic blog. The text and images are inserted in a blog post and will automatically be populated automatically in a pre-designed webpage.

Create a post template

First, you should go to your templates tab on the dashboard and choose ‘add new’.

Name your template

From there you must provide the type of template you want to create. For a posts page, choose ‘single’ as the type of template, ‘post’ as the post type. Name your template as you wish.

Choose a template

You will now have the option to choose blocks and pages which are existing templates which you can use and amend to match your style and brand.

OR Create one from scratch

If you want something which is original and matches your style 100%, close this dialogue box and start creating your post page with blocks just like you would create a normal page.

You will see the ‘single’ section in your left panel. Drag the sections into your blank page. The dynamic links should already be there, otherwise just double-check and make sure all the fields you want to display are selected.

Final touch to your dynamic blog

All the sections are now inserted and If you have an existing post, it should already be populating the content. It should be visible as you are editing your template.

Save the template and set the display conditions to all posts.

If you are still struggling to create your stunning blog page, get in touch with me through my website and let’s chat about your project.

Table of Contents

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