How to disavow backlinks to protect your Google ranks

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How to disavow backlinks to protect your Google ranks

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Hi, have you noticed that recently your website has lost some ranking, or perhaps your website traffic went down? That probably means that you have been impacted by a manual action from Google. And you’re going to have to go in and fix that now. So what we would rather want to do is to avoid these situations, because it might take months for you to get back your ranking or traffic for your website.

I’m Arnaud I’m from AB designs . We offer internet marketing services, we’re based in Cape town and, you know, internet marketing knows no boundaries. We help businesses around the world.


Today we’re going to show you how you can avoid being penalized by Google, by removing potential toxic backlinks from your website. So the first step is to identify these backlinks. I’m going to give you two tools that you can use.


You can create a user for free on Ubersuggest or you can purchase a subscription which costs around $10 per month. It’s very, very cheap.

As soon as you’re registered as a free user (or as a paid user), you can just head to the backlinks tab on the left panel, click on backlinks audit and type in your URL. Click on search and it will scan all your backlinks. All you have to do is filter the results by spam score.


My favorite tool is Semrush. You can create a free project on SEMrush and there’s also the paid version. Semrush is much, much more expensive than Ubersuggest and is intended to be used by digital marketers.

You can create a free project and the same principle applies. You go to the backlinks audit tab and you do an audit of your website.

You will be able to see a a progress bar with the toxicity level of your backlinks. Clicking on the bar will show a dropdown list of your backlinks in that toxicity threshold. You can filter for different toxicity percentages.

Remove the harmful backlinks

The first step would be to contact the website owners and request them to remove the backlinks. However, this can be a long and tedious task.

Disavow the backlinks

Create a TXT document for the backlinks

On Ubbersuggest, you have to copy these backlinks one by one and paste them into a plain TXT document. On Semrush, you have the option to select the backlinks in bulk and export a TXT document.

Log into Google search console

Go to the Google search console and log in. Select your domain name or verify your domain name. The steps will be on the screen and easy to follow. Once you are logged in and have created a property (verified your domain), you can head to the Google disavow tool.

If you are visiting this page for the first time, make sure you select the correct property from the dropdown and then click on upload list. Choose the TXT document you created.

Once the document is uploaded, it should display the number of URLs submitted.


Search engine optimisation agencies like AB Designs can help you with issues like this and much more as part of our digital marketing offers. We help businesses rank up on Google and maintain their rankings.

If you need help with your SEO, send us an email at or schedule a call with us.

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