How Internet Marketing Firms can help you rank on Google

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How Internet Marketing Firms can help you rank on Google

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Internet Marketing firms can help you rank on Google by implementing a strategy based on your objectives, your niche, and target, and your current website web vitals status. Internet Marketing is much more than just doing keyword research and creating content. Internet Marketing firms will need to have their marketing experts have a global look at your current online presence and conduct a comprehensive audit. Proceeding with a marketing audit will allow the marketing agency to identify any potential bottleneck and will give them the opportunity to create a seamless environment to create an effective marketing strategy.

the Marketing Auditing process

The Marketing auditing process is a standard initial procedure prior to starting any kind of Internet Marketing strategy. Internet Marketing firms’ experts will crawl your website’s URLs and detect any on-site SEO issues as well as off-site SEO issues.

On-Site SEO issues

Generally, on-site SEO issues are these technical issues that are related to your

  • CMS system and its plugins,
  • the media and written content, and
  • the delivery network.

Making sure that your website’s backend is functioning in an optimal manner, that your media content is optimized for fast loading and that your written content is keyword optimized, and that all of that is being delivered by an effective delivery network are essential to the good functioning of your SEO strategy to rank on Google.

Internet Marketing firms have experts who can detect these issues and fix them for you to make sure that your investment in SEO is the most effective.

Off-site SEO issues

Depending on industry and niche, a company’s off-site SEO strategy may differ. However, some things could harm your SEO efforts or give competitors an edge :

  • Having no sitemap submitted to Google search console
  • A low domain authority
  • Low quality backlinks
  • No social signals

To rank their clients’ websites on Google, Internet Marketing firms make sure that they generate the sitemap XML file top google search console to facilitate the crawling of the websites by Google’s bots. They can also carry out multiple link-building strategies and google stacking exercises to raise a website’s domain authority. Some Internet Marketing firms also provide social media management and marketing. Having a planned social media calendar if effective in establishing a presence online and gives trust signals to search engines.

Implementing an Internet Marketing Strategy

Having done a complete audit of their client, Internet Marketing firms can now devise an effective internet marketing strategy encompassing all the action points to optimize the online presence of their client. Implementation is usually done in steps and depending on the budget of the client. Internet Marketing firms will prioritize essential tasks such as raising the domain authority, submitting the sitemap to google search console, and making sure that the website’s performance is optimal and gets a good rating when measuring its core web vitals.

These aspects are essential for the website to be considered healthy and trustworthy by search engines. Content creation and optimization is then next on this list and starts with a good keyword research exercise.

Internet Marketing report and strategy meeting

Usually, a good Internet Marketing strategy would take approximately 6 months to start showing results. This is of course often faster or slower depending on Google’s algorithms updates. An Internet Marketing strategy is usually finetuned as time goes and as data on website visits and visit behaviors are collected. This data could lead to decisions regarding the user experience in the website’s design, the placement of the content on various platforms, the intensity of the efforts on particular SEO tasks.

The Internet Marketing firm will usually have a monthly or quarterly meeting with their client to present the results, action points, and suggestions. The client might also provide information on a new niche target or any aspect of their business they wish to highlight. At the end of these meetings, a new action plan is drafted and implemented by the Internet Marketing firm.


If you want to rank on Google, your best bet is to hire an expert in an Internet Marketing firm. These have experts in various fields and it means that each aspect of your online marketing will be tackled by the respective expert for the most effective results and ROI. This is an investment that businesses choose to make because they know they will have a return on this investment and they will avoid wasting precious time on jack of all trades or by trying a DIY approach.

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