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The phenomenal growth of social media in the last few years, with over 4.7 billion people using it, has made it one of the fantastic and promising opportunities for any business not to miss. Hence AB Designs, the top social media agency Cape Town tapped its vast potential to help our clients grow their business substantially. Stats confirm that over 83% of the users want to find their brands’ personalities on social media. And we, as the leading social media marketing companies in Cape Town, do it right on the proper platform.
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Our social media experts with years of experience share our clients’ unique brand stories across the many social media channels. We determine and analyze our clients’ niche markets to understand their target customers’ online behavior and create relevant content and marketing plans to fulfill their needs.

The many popular social media platforms, with most of them having over one billion users, are for personal posting and developing businesses worldwide. We help our clients leverage the social media networks to build brand awareness and create meaningful and long-lasting relations with their customers.
The digital business world got a shot in the last decade because of the blooming social media channels. Apart from helping in politics for people to become presidents, social media channels are, in a big way helping businesses to multiply.

With over 80% of people having smartphones and 59% of the population spending 2 hours and 29 minutes daily on social media, it is a boon to boost businesses. AB Designs, as the leading social media agency Cape Town, and remotely in the UK, and the US, helps their clients use social media marketing effectively and successfully.

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How do AB Designs help to boost business as the best Social media agency in Cape Town?

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Since 2015, AB Designs has helped clients leverage the rampant growing social media channels to grow their business exponentially. Irrespective of our client company’s size, we help use social media’s unlimited potential to expand their business, breaking geographical and financial barriers.

It is the reason that we have clients from startups to big corporates and we increase their brand awareness beyond their target audience. As the best Social media agency Cape Town, we have helped our clients in the following ways to trust us for over seven years.
  • We offer our clients evolving social media marketing strategies with measurable goals by maintaining and optimizing their profiles
  • Rather than creating social media business accounts to post videos, and pictures, we stream live videos and stories representing our client brand to attract the target audience.
  • Our expert team responds promptly to comments, likes, and shares to monitor the reputation of the client’s company.
  • Build a community around the client’s brand by following customers, influencers, and followers
  • We offer LinkedIn management by optimizing our clients’ profiles and pages to stand out from the competitors to grow in the B2B

If you need to work on your business brand, your website design or your digital marketing, contact our digital creative agency.

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