5 tips I Wish I Knew Before Building My Website

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5 tips I Wish I Knew Before Building My Website

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Website building – After spending a lot of time building my website piece by piece, page by page, I finally had a polished product. Each website I built after that became better not only in terms of the visual but also in terms of the techniques I found along the way which made things much easier and helped me save a lot of time.


How many of us design our website and spend time changing the font of each heading, body text and fixing the colours as well as the size? I use Elementor Pro and now I just keep all my text as default. I only amend once in the Theme Style. You can find this by clicking on settings on the left panel of the editor.

Choose your fonts and this will populate across the whole website. And if you want to change fonts, no need to go through the whole website changing one by one, head straight to the theme style and apply the new fonts. A great idea is to have professional branding done by professionals.


I remember wanting to have a lot of special effects and textured text, sticky headers which turn to a specific colour upon scroll etc. Of course, I found the scripts for each customisation and applied them. The website was beautiful and I had the visual I wanted. However, each script needs to be read by my website visitors’ machine and each line slows down my website. I tested my website on GTmetrix.com and found out about the scripts which were slowing my website down.

I will always choose SEO over visual as what good is a website if Google does not show it to my prospective clients? You can read more about website optimisation here.

Dynamic Content

I used to think that only blogs had dynamic content which was edited in the backend and then populated to the front end on a pre-designed post page. For example, I would build a portfolio page and insert images, text and links on the page itself where I would showcase my work.

With the ACF plugin, website building with a portfolio section in the backend just like you would edit a blog is very easy. I found a very interesting video about that and I am happy to share that with you all.

Website building with Global Templates

How many of you have certain sections which you design and use across multiple pages of your website? This can be a CTA, a button or a banner for example.

In Elementor Pro, there is a way that you can save a button as a “global”.

The button which you have previously formatted will now always be available for use in the “Global” section of your editor.

You can also save an entire section as a template and use it across your website. You just have to insert a template from your editor into any section and choose the template name from the drop down menu.

That way, you can amend only your template if you have any changes you want to make and this will populate across the whole website wherever you have posted the template.

Internet Marketing

When your website building process is done, you need to make sure that Google will index it and that it will be made available to your prospective clients. I installed Yoast SEO and ran the setup wizard. I saw that sitemaps were being created. However, if you want Google (or any other search engine) to index your website, do not forget to submit your sitemap.

You can read more about submitting your sitemap here. there is a step by step explanation as well as many other useful tips.

Are you considering doing a marketing campaign? You might find the tips at bestdesign very useful!

If you still struggle to get your website running and need assistance, get in touch with me.

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